What I Bring to the Discipline of Coaching

I recently wrote this essay as an assignment for my year-long Professional Coaching Course (PCC) with New Ventures West (NVW) and wanted to share it because it tells you what led me to coaching.

I was drawn to NVW because of the depth of the program and the first-hand experience we go through in our training of being coached and coaching others.  What I’ve learned and now appreciate is the scientific and philosophical foundation of the methodologies we use in our coaching. Coaching and working with the whole human being in their inner and outer world.

This year has been a journey of deeper understanding and self-awareness of myself, it’s deepened some of my relationships, strained others, has me asking more questions and putting more thought into easy to complex things, while deepening my compassion for self and others. Helping and empowering people, listening and understanding them, wanting them to succeed, empathy, pride in my work… are part of who I am before I even started coaching and it’s what led me to do this work.

It’s important to me be certified because it’s the credentials of the hard work I put in over the last year in my own personal transformation and developing the skills, knowledge and effectiveness as a coach.  It shows the integrity of the program and encourages long-term learning and practice to re-certify every year while deepening our knowledge to be a better coach.

I want to help reduce people’s suffering, see them succeed, be happy, empower them, and help them learn more about who they really are as a human being. I’m idealistic, but it’s what keeps me positive and have faith in this work I now do.

What I bring to coaching is a warm, comforting connection with the client.  This builds mutual trust and openness.  I’m also genuinely invested in my client’s success. Perhaps this is a reflection on my Enneagram 3 personality that if my client’s succeed, I’ve done a good job.  I’m aware of that and have noticed it when I’m working with my clients then reflect on it. I begin most coaching sessions with a short centering practice and my clients like this. It’s also beneficial for me to get centered in order to focus solely on my clients and this has been very helpful. I’ve noticed it’s much easier for me to stay connected to my client giving them my full attention and I attribute this to my sitting meditation practice.

I look forward to ongoing education and deepening knowledge of what we’ve been exposed to in our PCC.  Particularly, somatics and the body/mind connection has really been fascinating to me. I’ve also found it helpful in my own development and understanding of what’s going on inside.  Leadership Embodiment, SomaYoga, and the Enneagram I will continue to explore and take more in-depth classes.  Improving communication using Language Action is another area I will further explore and intend to take a course from Fernando Flores. 

It was my intent from when I started the PCC to bring in a nature element to my coaching.  I’m still exploring how I can do that and I do this when I see opportunity in coaching my client.  Currently I add some elements of nature into various practices depending upon the client. Walking in Nature practices or Walking in Nature meditation.

I look forward to this evolution of my coaching and deepening my own experience.

caterpillar to butterfly

Curious what Integral Coaching is all about and if it’s right for you?  I’m offering a free coaching session for you to try it on.  Contact me now to set it up. amy@amyklous.com

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