My Approach to Coaching

I use an Integral Coaching approach, working with clients from a whole person perspective from all domains of their lives.  This approach helps the client achieve long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct, and become self-generating.

My coaching engagements start with an intake session where I spend time talking with the client and inquiring about all of their domains to get a deeper understanding of who they are.  From there I create a coaching plan that we use as the foundation of our coaching.  The plan includes a purpose and outcomes (similar to goals and objectives) as well as practices to help them embody a new way of being in the world.  Our coaching sessions continue by deepening the conversation, learning more about the client, offering and discovering distinctions, guiding them to uncover these distinctions and see a new way, discussing progress in their practices, challenge them, help them build self-awareness and see a way forward.

I’m a Certified Integral Coach, a developmental style of coaching, and also credentialed through the ICF (International Coach Federation). As part of this certification and credential I am regularly participating in continuing education to deepen my experience as a coach and to bring new things to my clients.

If coaching sounds like what you need to help you step into life a new way, please contact me today for a time to talk and learn more.

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