Salute to the Sun

yoga mat outside

Many cultures have traditions of appreciation to the sun.  In the upper Midwest, we REALLY appreciate the sun.  On a cold winter day, we long to feel the sun on our faces or to brighten our cabin fever. In the Spring when the sun gets a little closer to the earth, we start to feel it’s warmth as it melts away the winter snow and ice.  On warm summer days we rejoice in the sun’s rays as we play on our beautiful lakes.  We each have our own versions of appreciation to the sun in our personal ways.

In yoga traditions, Sun Salutations is a morning yoga practice to quiet the mind, energize the body, and show deep appreciation to the sun.  It’s a sequence of movements where you flow from one movement to the next rhythmically linking the poses with full deep breathing.  It coordinates the body, mind, and breath and can be a spiritual experience. Any ability can practice sun salutations and it’s a great way to warm up the body to start the day, while saluting the morning sun.

Sun Salutations can be done inside on your yoga mat, in a chair, or outside.  When possible, I prefer to do my yoga practice outside in the grass with natural surroundings, the sunshine and fresh air.  Being outside adds to the awareness of our five senses creating even more benefit to this grounding practice while quieting our minds.

Sun Salutations take just a few minutes and are a great addition to your morning routine. To learn how to do Sun Salutations find a yoga class at a local studio, search on YouTube, or work with me to help you build your Sun Salutation practice that’s customized to your ability using modifications and somatic movements for added personal benefits.

yoga mat outside

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