Get inspired by books

There are so many wonderful personal development books available to us in hard copy, digital or audio, whichever suits you.  Books can offer a great opportunity for deeper reflection and building self-awareness.

How can LEGOS make Serious Play for Work Teams?

LEGOS aren’t just for kids! Can you believe that adults use legos at work to help improve team collaboration, spark creativity, and problem-solve?
LSP is a method for facilitating communication in meetings, promote thinking, and problem-solving ideas for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Just Two Minutes for Reflection

Journaling our thoughts and reflections can help clear our minds of clutter, sort things out, and gain deeper insight and understanding.  This helps us become better anthropologists of ourselves. Mari L. McCarthy writes in The Great Book of Journaling, “Over time, you will start to see the positive changes journaling is making in your lifeContinue reading “Just Two Minutes for Reflection”