Erich Heitman, Business Owner

My wife and I started participating in Amy’s “Mindful Coffee Breaks” as a way to help us cope with the stresses the pandemic and other events have caused. We are both self employed and were greatly effected by the events that have taken place. Amy’s ability to help teach us grounding techniques in itself was worth the participation. But, outside of that, we’ve been able to connect with others that are also dealing with the struggles of today’s challenges and it helps to know that you are not alone. Amy also opens up discussion with the group on challenges and ideas to share with everyone on how he/she is still working to achieve their goals despite the current climate. Being able to have this 20 minute ZOOM meeting with Amy and others every week provides something to help break up the monotony of the daily grind as well as a way to reset yourself for the remainder of the week. I would highly suggest participation, even if it was to try it one time, to see for yourself. The actual practice of Amy’s teachings can help sooth the mind of even the most high strung of individuals!