Erik Rickhoff, Quality Supervisor

I was a skeptic of these kinds of programs and thought that I had a firm grasp of the issues that plagued my personal and professional life. After a few sessions with my life coach I realized how wrong I was.

During the process, lets call it my life transformation, my life coach Amy Klous made each session very pleasant and enlightening. I left each time feeling positive and eager for more.

I can’t speak for anyone’s issues but the problems I had were unaware to me, and with the guidance of my life coach I was able to rectify many issues I had and laid down a foundation for me to continue to grow on my own. The tools and knowledge I obtained through this process are priceless to me.

I want to thank Amy for everything she has done for me and she told me that she wants updates from me while on my journey showing me that she is not just in this for a job, but that she truly cares for my wellbeing.