Jenna I, Healthcare Administration

I am very grateful for the work we have done together. Starting is always the hardest part. Now, at the end of this process, I have a new goal for myself that I can achieve. When I think about where I started, I was thinking of it being as ‘stuck in a rut’. But it was more like I was in this muddy pit where I couldn’t find a way out. Since I was struggling with so many things, and feeling like the biggest things were out of my control (husband’s health, uncertainty at work), I had settled into a routine. Not a good routine, but it allowed me to survive. While I consider myself to be good at helping others, it was overwhelming to think about how to reboot myself. Now after coaching, I feel like it will be harder to go back to where I was than it will be to keep moving forward with my progress. It feels really good to have a “SMART” goal to be working on at the end of our coaching!