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Manifesto For the Strong and Resilient

We are human beings who get worn down and weary. We feel sorry for ourselves and lament, work through it and come back.  We are resilient.  With self-leadership, we have the ability to find our way through, brush off the dust, and get back in the game.

We are strong, confident and determined.  We feel empowered and this gets us through hard, difficult times and better able to help guide others through it too.  It takes ongoing work.

These unsettling, chaotic, and uncertain times we’re living in have us feeling anxious, lonely, stressed, and overwhelmed.  We’ve learned ways to be creative, slow down and appreciate the little things we may have taken for granted in the past and learned new ways to keep going despite not knowing what’s ahead.

We observe and learn new ways to cope, develop, and grow even more powerful in who we are.  We’re curious to know why and more, in a deeper way.

We will fall, lose our way, get caught up, fall off track.  We will not be perfect and maybe not even graceful. This is how it goes.  We learn from it and come back stronger.  We are human beings after all and the leader of our lives.  Maybe we never thought we could do it – We CAN!  We are capable.  We start now and keep at it.  We will fail again and start again. 

Our super power is to stand back up after we fall, time and time again.  We have perseverance! We may need help, support, a hand along the way.  We are strong enough to ask for it. Others admire us for this super power because it makes us real to them – and maybe even an inspiration. 

We are not a victim of circumstance; we rise above as a victor, mighty and strong.

This is who we are: courageous, resilient and strong individuals.  We accept the past and move to build a future, open to possibilities.

I believe we all have this super power of resilience within us – and we may need help from others to see it, develop it, and nourish it. After all, we are the leaders of our lives. 

Individual Coaching

Developmental life and leadership coaching working with you from a whole human-being approach for long-term success. A truly transformational experience.

  • 4, 6, and 12+ month packages available
  • We meet twice a month via Zoom (or in person when possible)
  • You receive a personalized coaching development plan
  • You are guided through this growth and transformation and much of the work is done between the sessions. You will change your way of being in the world to achieve the results you’re looking for (and more that you didn’t expect)!


Individuals will experience their own unique growth while being supported in small group of others on their own journeys of growth and development.

For organizations and teams, we’ll design a program that meets the objectives you’re seeking.

For individuals wanting to be part of a supportive community in a small group coaching environment, the next program will kick off in November 4, 2020 called Self-Leadership: Resiliency in Uncertainty. Experience your own unique growth while supported in small group with others on their own journeys of resilient growth and development.

Workshops & Classes

Workshops, retreats, classes, outdoor experiences and our free weekly Mindful Coffee Break. Make sure to sign up for me email list to be notified or contact me to discuss a custom program.

Find out more about the Free Mindful Coffee Break and join us every Wednesday for 20 minutes at 10 am CST on Zoom.