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Individual Coaching

Integral coaching is developmental life and leadership coaching working with you from a whole human-being approach. Integral Coaching benefits your personal and professional life by helping you connect in a deeper way by building your competence to better face life circumstances.  Coaching is like having a personal trainer who works with you to build long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct, and the competence to self-generate when we experience setbacks in life.  This developmental coaching supports and nurtures growth and development impacting all areas of your life. Integral coaching helps you to create a new way of being to bring your whole self to life.

Check out this audio to hear more about developmental self-leadership coaching!

Three coaching programs to choose from.

Teams and Group Coaching

Coaching with teams and groups works with the individuals within their additional identity of the entity of the group of people that make up the team. Team and group coaching builds competence in the individuals and the group to be self reliant, self correct and be self generating for long term excellence. Building psychological safety is an essential first step in the work of team and group coaching.

See more for team and group coaching options.

Workshops, Classes and Additional Offers

Workshops, retreats, classes, outdoor experiences and monthly practice gyms. Make sure to sign up for the email list to be notified or contact me to discuss a custom program for your organization.

I also offer Lunch and Learns, organization or group speaking, and group yoga.

Topics include: SomaYoga, Breath work, Embodied Leadership, Nature as a Teacher, Mindfulness, Cultivating a Mood of Possibility, Mental Fitness, Stress Management.

Please enjoy this poem written by my friend, Yash Chitale.

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