Work With Me

Do you feel lost in looking for results in your life or career and can’t seem to get through it on your own?  Are you going through a change in life? Stuck in indecision?  Limiting beliefs holding you back from being your best? Wanting a promotion at work?  Build confidence.  Gain respect.  Develop healthy habits.  Create work/life balance.  Have your voice heard. Be seen as a leader.  Step fully into life. You are the LEADER of YOUR LIFE – Step into your Power!

Coaching benefits your personal and professional life by helping you connect in a deeper way by building your competence to better face life circumstances.  Coaching is like having a personal trainer who works with you to build long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct, and the competence to self-generate when life gets tough. Integral coaching helps you to create a new way of being to bring your whole self to life.

1:1 Coaching

  • Typically six months to a year long
  • You receive a personalized coaching development plan
  • You are guided through this growth and transformation and much of the work is done between the sessions. You will change your way of being in the world to achieve the results you’re looking for (and more that you didn’t expect)!


Fall 2020. Please contact me to be added to the list for more information.

Workshops & Classes

In the works. Please contact me to be added to the list and any topics of interest.