Shift Your Perspective & Build Mental Fitness

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Learn a new way to respond to life’s challenges in a positive way!

  • Develop Healthier Relationships
  • Find Peace of Mind
  • Better handle daily pressures and triggers

App-supported intensive coaching program that builds your mental fitness. Individual or Group options. Individual program starts anytime. Or create your own small supportive group pod with a capacity of 5 people. Get your friends, family and colleagues to join you in building your positive mindset together!

Program Details:

This 8-week intensive app-supported coaching program helps build our mental fitness by building our capacities to become aware of our limiting beliefs and saboteurs, then re-wiring our neural-pathways to change our mindset. It helps calm inner critics, reactivity, stress, and our nervous systems.  

The program is a culmination of readings, video modules, reflection discussions, and uses short app-based micro-practices throughout the day to help quiet inner critics and triggering situations that occur for us.  The app and 8 week program build a person’s capacity to handling life’s challenges and triggering events.  

Learn to boost your Mental Fitness to create change in mindset

  • Building your Mental Fitness helps increase your capacity to handle life’s great challenges with a positive mindset rather than getting stressed or upset.  It’s what we need to better handle daily triggers and derails.
  • You can boost your mental fitness significantly with practice – that’s where the app comes in to help build the muscle.
  • Mental Fitness is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

This is the program breakdown and time commitment:

  • 8 weeks duration.
  • You will take an assessment to determine your most prevalent saboteurs.
  • Watch 1-hour weekly video.
  • Weekly checkin with me to discuss progress and time for reflection.
  • 15 minutes/day of mental fitness reps – micro-practices on the Positive Intelligence app (Free to download).  These are short 2 minute guided micro-practices spread throughout the day and you have a few hours to complete before the next is available.  The app reminds you and you can adjust the timing to fit your schedule.
  • Read 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book or listen to the audiobook.  (PDF and audio provided).
  • Through the Positive Intelligence app, you will continue to have access for the entire year.
  • Every individual receives a 45 minute pre and post coaching conversation with a personalized go-forward plan.

“I would be in the same place – unhappy and stuck if it wasn’t for your work. You are doing what you are meant to do.”

“Because of this (mental fitness) work I’m better at accepting and handling things that normally would have knocked me off course and overwhelmed me.”

“I learned I don’t need to be so self-critical to see progress and instead learned to be more loving and let go.”

Individual Program

Personalized focus includes 15 minute weekly checkins and pre and post coaching conversations.

Cost is $995.

Group Program

Do you have a small group of 4-5 people that can support one another through this program together? Group weekly checkins and individual pre and post coaching conversations in a pod setting. Cost is $995.

Contact Amy at for any questions, discuss your options, and to sign up.

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