Is Developmental Coaching for you? Exploring who is coaching NOT FOR?

In my last post I wrote about who developmental coaching is for.  It’s a powerful resource for personal growth and development, but it’s not for everyone. In this post, we explore who developmental coaching is NOT for and why.

Just Two Minutes for Reflection

Journaling our thoughts and reflections can help clear our minds of clutter, sort things out, and gain deeper insight and understanding.  This helps us become better anthropologists of ourselves. Mari L. McCarthy writes in The Great Book of Journaling, “Over time, you will start to see the positive changes journaling is making in your lifeContinue reading “Just Two Minutes for Reflection”

How can self-leadership coaching benefit you in your professional & personal life? 

Clients tell me all the time that the coaching work with them is deeply personal which also helps them in how they lead their teams at work too and how they’re better able to handle things beyond their control. I’m a Certified Integral Coach and also trained in advanced developmental coaching techniques that build greaterContinue reading “How can self-leadership coaching benefit you in your professional & personal life? “

A change in paths, my path to coaching

This was a letter I wrote with my application for the Integral Coaching Professional Coaching Course (PCC) through New Ventures West.  I’m sharing it with you in this inaugural post because it was the beginning of my coaching journey.  It’s real, it’s my background story, and it’s my WHY. >read more<